12-Year-Old Ky. Girl Charged With Attempted Murder After Allegedly Poisoning Stepbrother

Jul 12, 2018

A 12-year-old girl in Christian County, Ky., was arrested and charged with attempted murder after police say she admitted to poisoning her four-year-old stepbrother.

According to a report from the Christian County Sheriff’s Department, police responded on July 6 to a call of possible child abuse at a residence in Oak Grove. The mother of the offender told police her daughter had put “Mr. Clean” into the victim’s water and made him drink it.

Deputies interviewed the girl with the mother's permission. According to the report, the offender said she attempted to poison her stepbrother because he was annoying her and because she felt her mother loved him more she loved than her.

The mother told deputies she discovered her daughter had sent Skype messages to a man in Texas telling him she would poison her stepbrother with the cleaner to get rid of him.

The County Attorney’s Office stated in a call the girl needed to be placed under arrest for attempted murder.

She was taken to the Court Designated Worker’s Office and was evaluated by a worker. District Judge Jim Adams told police the girl needed to be evaluated at Cumberland Hall, a nearby psychiatric center. She was transported there for evaluation.

Christian County Sheriff Captain Chris Miller said the victim became ill but was not taken to the hospital. He said the mother monitored the victim and he has recovered.