Advocates Hopeful About Restoring Voting Rights to Ky. Felons

Oct 22, 2013

Tayna Fogle
Credit flickr

Advocates who have pushed unsuccessfully for years to restore voting rights to convicted felons after they've completed their sentences are hopeful that support from Republican U.S. Sen. Rand Paul will provide a needed boost.

Lexington resident Tayna Fogle had her voting rights restored by former Govs. Paul Patton and Ernie Fletcher. Fogle said the initiative seems to be energized heading into January’s legislative session.

Fogle said Paul's comments last month in favor of restoring voting rights will be helpful.

Fogle testified Tuesday before the Task Force on Elections, Constitutional Amendments and Intergovernmental Affairs.

Kentucky is one of three states that requires felons to apply for restoration of rights in order to vote even after they've completed their sentences.