Annual School Safety Report Includes Number of In-School Removals for First Time

Dec 2, 2014


There's been a sizeable increase in resolutions to school violations across Kentucky.  That's according to research released last week from the Kentucky Center on School Safety.  For the first time, Center Director Jon Akers says the report includes data on in-school removals.  "Far more kids are put into in-school removal, maybe for an hour, sometimes a couple of hours, or sometimes for a couple of days.  But, we never recorded that in our reports heretofore.  It was never given to us in that format," said Akers.

Akers says tracking bullying creates challenges not found with many other negative behaviors. .  Director Jon Akers says bullying is often an out of school behavior that affects in-school life.  "It's harder for school officials to track that down because kids don't normally report when they are being bullied online.  They're not reporting it to their parents either," added Akers.

The report shows more than a thousand resolutions for board violations on carrying or using dangerous instruments at schools.  That compares with almost 34,000 disruptive behavior resolutions and just over 4,000 for bullying.

The annual Safe School Data Report includes figures from both the state level and the school district level. Information was taken from the 2012-2013 school year.