Award-winning Country Ham Business Lost to Fire

Feb 8, 2017

Credit Rock 98.3 via Facebook

A major employer for Clinton, Kentucky is at a total loss after fires overtook the business Wednesday morning.

Regional fire departments arrived at Harper's Country Hams in attempt to control the blaze, unfortunately the building is expected to be a total loss, according to Shadd Byassee the  Hickman County Emergency Management director.  Byassee said Harper’s is a key source of employment in the county, with around 63 employees listed on the payroll.

“I’m almost 50-years-old and Harper’s Hams has been here as long as I’ve been here. It employed several people from Hickman County and people from the adjoining counties. It’s been a staple for our county for employment for years,” Byassee said.


Byassee said the cause of the fire is under investigation. Harper’s Country Hams has been open since 1952 and has won six grand champion awards at the Kentucky State Fair. Mayor of Clinton Phyllis Campbell said the fire is a devastating loss to the community.