Beshear Open to Dialogue On Nuclear Power

Jul 15, 2013

KY Gov. Steve Beshear
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear says he supports a dialogue on the construction of nuclear power plants in Kentucky.

The governor says coal will be a mainstay of the Commonwealth’s energy portfolio for many years but he has no problem with discussing the prospects for other forms of power. "If we ever do have a nuclear power plant, it will take twenty years to do it and everybody will have their say," said Beshear.

The Governor said Europe's nuclear power plants can provide an example to the U.S. Beshear said France and Germany both receive a substantial amount of energy from nuclear energy plants.  The Governor said he thinks nuclear power will grow within the U.S.

"Obviously you have the issues with the waste and the radioactivity," said Beshear. "But the technology has come millions of miles since the early 1960's. I've toured a nuclear energy plant down in Tennessee and it is a clean place and it produces energy and it's no danger. And I do think we need to start a conversation here in Kentucky."

The governor says countries like France and Germany already get most of their power from nuclear plants, and he sees more nations turning to it in the future.