Bevin Appoints Inspector General to Aid Beshear Inquiry

Apr 21, 2016

Kenneth F. Bohac

Governor Matt Bevin has appointed a former U.S. marshal to aid an investigation into what he says are potential illegal practices of former Governor Steve Beshear. Bevin appointed Kenneth F. Bohac as the inspector general for the Finance Cabinet. 

Bohac  is a 21-year veteran of the U.S. Marshals Service. He will assist in the investigation into no-bid contracts issued by the Beshear administration and reports of state workers being forced to make political contributions.

Bevin said Tuesday he would hire a private law firm to conduct the investigation. Beshear has called Bevin's investigation a "pathetic spectacle." He says he followed all state procurement laws and has never forced workers to make political donations.

President Barack Obama appointed Bohac U.S. marshal for the Central District of Illinois in 2010.