Building Trust Between Patient and Healthcare Provider

Feb 7, 2018

Credit 123rf Stock Photo

The relationship between patient and healthcare provider can sometimes be a tenuous one, according to Murray State University professor of psychology Dr. Michael Bordieri.

"Americans, in general, seem to be less trustful of medicine as an institution than before, so we’re less likely to listen to health recommendations and guidance from doctors and from experts who do research in the area," Bordieri said in a recent broadcast of Sounds Good. "It's easy for us to believe we're our own experts."

Bordieri said tensions between patients and healthcare providers can be lessened by establishing trust through thorough and thoughtful discussion. Doctors should listen to their patients and vice versa. Evidence-based practices, where research is carefully considered, is useful as well.

"As healthcare providers, we need to do a better job of listening and asking these questions to make sure we’re giving the best model of care," Bordieri said.