Christian Co. Sheriff’s Office Warns Phone Scammers Posing as Deputies

Jan 25, 2018

Credit Christian County Sheriff's Office, via Facebook

The Christian County Sheriff's Office is warning of phone scammer - or scammers - posing as deputies from their department. 

Police said in a release Thursday that the scammer is telling individuals they are calling on behalf of the Christian County Sheriff's Office to inform them negligence in a jury or grand jury proceeding and that they now face criminal charges.

The callers then ask for personal information or to contact another number or press an extension. Police say they have not asked for money. 

The callers are using Captain Chris Miller's name along with "Deputy Mike Lee" and "Deputy Jones."

They are using so-called 'ghost numbers' so it appears as a local number on a caller ID.

The Sheriff's Office says they will not call individuals for jury related matters. Instead, they said that contact will be made by staff at either the Justice Center or the Commonwealth Attorney's Office.

They warn to not give information to scammers and to hang up the phone.