Congressman Comer Holds Town Hall in Fulton on Wednesday

May 30, 2017

Congressman James Comer in Benton
Credit Matt Markgraf, WKMS

U.S. Congressman James Comer is holding a town hall on Wednesday in Fulton County. 

The freshmen Republican has a goal of holding a town hall in each of the 35 counties in Kentucky’s first district.

The Fulton town hall is at the Pontotoc Community Center at 3 p.m. The center is located at 112 East State Line. 

Healthcare and job creation are likely to be central topics in this town hall. Fulton has suffered significant economic losses over the years and has a relatively high unemployment rate. Local leaders are hopeful for the WAVE initiative, capitalizing on its location along the Mississippi River.

The county is also politically unique in the region as it was the only one in the Jackson Purchase that favored Donald Trump over Ted Cruz in the GOP caucus (and Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary). 

Comer has held several thus far and some have been contentious on issues involving the GOP healthcare plan and proposed budget cuts. He met notable opposition in Benton regarding Obamacare but has met more receptive audiences in discussions with farming communities centered around ag trade potential, such as the Kentucky Farm Bureau forum in Hopkinsville.