Distracted is the New Drunk: Dangers of Distracted Driving

Mar 30, 2018

Credit Roman Pohorecki/www.pexels.com

 New research suggests drivers are as impaired as they are by cellular usage as they would be after spending a night out at the bar. Dr. Michael Bordieri visits Sounds Good to discuss why driving distractedly is just as dangerous as driving drunk. 

       Almost everyone is familiar with public service announcements warning against the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Similar precautions against texting while driving have also turned into widely spread national campaigns. However, other forms of distraction -- a phone call requiring intense concentration, putting on make-up, eating -- have proven to be just as dangerous to oneself and others. 
           MSU professor of psychology, Dr. Michael Bordieri, visits Sounds Good to discuss the cognitive demand required when performing other tasks while driving, why we are genetically predisposed to not be very good at it, and how one can increase their safety on the road.