EEK! Here's a List of Halloween Programming on WKMS

Oct 27, 2015

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Here's a schedule of Halloween programming on WKMS. Halloween specials start this Thursday! We'll update this list as more program information becomes available. This is what we've got so far:

Thursday & Friday

Sounds Good - 11 am to 1 pm

Hear Halloween stories told by Todd Hatton and David Weatherly in the first hour of Sounds Good Thursday and Friday. Also, Andy Black of Cinema International reviews this weekend's Cinema International horror comedy, What We Do in the Shadows. Tracy and Austin play Halloween tunes throughout the program.

Thursday Night

Jive House - 9 pm

The Jive House gets spooky tonight with our funky Halloween special….that’s right all tracks tonight will be relative to All Hallow’s Eve so devour all the sugar you can and get ready for an hour of funk to burn it off. You’ll hear tracks such as “The Wolf”, “Lil’ Red Ridin’ Hood”, and even “Greasy Pumpkin” but here’s a taste of what you’ll get this evening, and trust me, it’s nothing like what you got in your goodie bag... The Jive House sounds spooky good tonight at 9 and Sunday night at 7 right here on WKMS.

Retro Cocktail Hour - 11 pm

It's the annual RCH Halloween show. Join us for monster melodies, groovy ghouls and other pointless alliteration.

Friday, October 30

Science Friday - 1 pm

It's a special Halloween Science Friday with Ira Flatow. In the first hour, why do zombies turn green, ooze bodily fluids, and reek? Their microbes, of course. Also, a look at the microbiomes of classic Halloween monsters. Plus, can the scent of death trigger a warning in your brain? In the second hour: cannibalism, bondage, an offering of flesh... a look at the strange ways spiders behave, as they hunt for a mate… or a morsel. And ever heard of “Walking Dead Syndrome”? We talk about some of the brain’s creepiest glitches.

Left of the Dial - 9 pm

Left of the Dial has been building toward its Halloween show all month long and now it's finally time for the main course. Tune in Friday night at 9 after the World Cafe to hear Halloween-friendly songs from Oingo Boingo, Specimen, INXS and Bauhaus. You'll also hear plenty of selections from '80s horror movie soundtracks.

The Last Splash - 11 pm

A new program debuting on WKMS! Austin Carter, Tim Peyton, Corbet Hall and Matthew Rowan start with a Halloween special featuring music by New York Dolls, The Misfits, The Meteors, Pajo and Sonic Youth.

Saturday, October 31


Rick's Kitchen Sink - 1 pm

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year... Join me October 31st for a special Halloween edition of Rick’s Kitchen Sink... I have music about spells, witches, vampires, ghosts, the devil and voodoo...and that’s in just the first hour! Music by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Tom Waits, The Legendary Shackshakers, Bauhaus, Alice Cooper and many, many more.

A Prairie Home Companion - 5 pm

This week: a spooky, jam-packed rebroadcast from October 2005 at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota. Nickel Creek play their hearts out on “Best of Luck,” Prudence Johnson and Ruth MacKenzie sing “Wind and Rain,” and the Midwinter Tuba Quintet stops by out of season to join GK for “Long Black Veil.” Plus: Andy Stein plays “The Man Who Wasn’t There,” Tim Eriksen sings “O Death,” and our friend Adam Granger turns in “I’m Hoping, Here’s Hoping.” In Lake Wobegon, the host recounts a few of the town’s electrifying Halloween pranks.

Beyond the Edge - 8 pm

Tracy plays three hours of scary music on a Beyond the Edge Halloween Special including Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Concrete Blonde, The Cure, Talking Heads and many others.

Weekend Energy - 11 pm

A special two-hour witches brew for Halloween, Matt McG plays terrifying tunes about black magic, zombie ladies, swamp things, arachnophobia, Nosferatu, aliens and a house on haunted hill by artists like Holy Ghost!, Ghastly, Dance with the Dead and Chewy Chocolate Cookies.