Former FBI Agent Raises Awareness of Cyber Security

Sep 7, 2018

As the internet continues to gain significance in our daily lives, the greater the threat of falling victim to cyber crime becomes. To better inform the public about cyber security and identity theft, Wells Fargo Advisors have invited a former FBI agent to give a presentation at Walker Hall in Paducah. 

Cyber crime has not always been a threat to society, but as technology advances, malware (a shortened version of 'malicious software') grows more inconspicuous, and more and more personal information is uploaded online, greater numbers of online users are at risk. Hackers can use different types of malware to access sensitive personal information, commandeer computer and other device controls, and steal identities. In order to safely navigate the web, it is crucial to learn how to best protect personal devices from the threat of cyber crime. 

Jeff Lanza is an award-winning, nationally known speaker whose career as an FBI Special Agent has fueled his passion for helping people and organizations. His presentations of timely topics are communicated with the right touch of humor and are based on his experience as an FBI investigator, spokesman, speechwriter and trainer. Since his retirement from the FBI, he has presented in 49 states and to thousands around the globe. Jeff has lectured at Princeton University and was voted the most popular speaker in the 55-year history of Kansas City's Prestigious Plaza Club. He appears regularly on national television programs including CNBC and CNN. He has also appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and Fox. 

Anyone who uses the internet is susceptible to cyber crime. According to Lanza, "90% of [cyber crime attacks] happen from e-mails." E-mails disguised as websites with which an account is linked to the e-mail address, coupon or promotional deal offers, and other fake messages can lure users to download malware or give out personal information. The Wells Fargo Advisors of Paducah aim to educate the community about how to best protect against falling victim to online criminal activity with this presentation. 

Lanza will be giving the presentation in Walker Hall in Paducah, KY, on September 18th at 4:30 p.m. Reservations are available to the public through September 11th.