Good Read: His Excellency George Washington by Joseph J. Ellis

Jun 26, 2012

Product Description:

Here is the impetuous young officer whose miraculous survival in combat half-convinced him that he could not be killed. Here is the free-spending landowner whose debts to English merchants instilled him with a prickly resentment of imperial power. We see the general who lost more battles than he won and the reluctant president who tried to float above the partisan feuding of his cabinet. His Excellency is a magnificent work, indispensable to an understanding not only of its subject but also of the nation he brought into being.

Todd Hill says:

“An unvarnished and unsentimental look at our first president. Fine history and a must for those who need a better understanding of the separation of powers and why the Articles of Confederation were destined to fail. Applicable today? Yes. People waving “Don’t Tread on Me” flags need to read this history and reflect.”

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