High Iron Levels In Hickman Water Cause A Yellow Discoloration

Apr 12, 2018


After reports of yellow water in the City of Hickman, state officials says residents are safe to drink the water.

That’s according to Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection spokesperson Lanny Brannock.


He said officials from the Kentucky Division of Water investigated the matter on Thursday and determined that high iron levels are causing the discoloration.


Brannock said low pH levels are not allowing the phosphate treatment to remove the iron.


Mayor James Gray says pH is back to normal levels and that the system will flush out water to improve the quality.


Kentucky Rural Water Association and Hawkins Chemical installed a phosphate feed pump in Hickman last May to address the iron issue.


Gray said the most recent the spike in iron levels started in the end of March.


City Commissioner Heath Carlton said the iron issues are due to the city's aging infrastructure.