Hopkins County Animal Shelter Reduces Euthanasia Rate 40%

May 21, 2013

The Hopkins County Animal Shelter has reduced its euthanasia rate more than forty percent in the last four years. The shelter had faced scrutiny for rates exceeding 65%. The euthanasia rate now stands at 23%. Last week, the shelter board discussed plans to implement programs to keep healthy or treatable animal deaths to a minimum of 10%. Shelter Director Charles Gentry said the humane society's recent success stems from working with the community.

“We've reached out to a lot of rescue groups and moved these animals to new homes and getting them out to other facilities that have room and are looking for certain types of animals," said Gentry. "We're trying to get them there so they can get adopted.”

Gentry said to boost the adoptable population the humane society plans to move to a larger facility on Laffoon Trail in July which will be easier to sanitize to prevent disease. 

Gentry said that the Human Society will be hosting an Adopt-a-Thon outside of Wal-Mart in Madisonville on June 8th. Gentry said Adopt-a-Thons are a big deal in helping deserving animals find homes and educating owners on responsible care.