Judge Dismisses Charges Against Kentucky Lawmaker Transporting Alcohol

Aug 2, 2017

Rep. C. Wesley Morgan
Credit LRC Public Information

A judge has dismissed a criminal charge against a Republican state representative in Kentucky. 

Rep. Wesley Morgan was charged in April with illegally transporting alcoholic beverages across county lines.

Morgan owns five liquor stores in central Kentucky and said he was transporting product between his stores. At the time, state law banned carrying alcohol across county lines without a transporter's license. 

Morgan tried to change that law to let liquor store owners apply for a license to transport alcohol. His bill did not pass. But a similar bill sponsored by a fellow Republican lawmaker did pass. The new law took effect July 1, about two months after Morgan was charged.

Judge Wendell "Skip" Hammonds ruled Morgan could take advantage of the new law. Hammonds said the old law was "antiquated."