Kentuckians Can Get Protection From Four Flu Strains This Fall

Sep 22, 2014

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Mid September marks a key point in the flu shot season across Kentucky. Health officials are urging all Kentuckians over six months old to get vaccinated.

Fayette County Health Department Public Health Nursing Manager Lois Davis says her agency has administered about three thousand shots during each of the last few years.

"It's stayed about the same, I think because there are more opportunities in the community to get flu shots," Davis said.

"Most of the pharmacies, they are offering flu shots and plus when you go to the grocery stores, those pharmacies are offering flu shots, which is a good thing for the community because more people have access to getting the shot."

For the second year, the flu shot protects against four strains of influenza, including the H1-N1 virus.

"There is a quadrivalent vaccine out this year. In fact, it was introduced last year and we'll be offering that at the health department," Davis said.

"There is a high dose vaccine recommended for ages 65 and above. [Of] course, there's a pediatric dose, which is a smaller dose for babies under age three."

Flu shots are recommended for anyone over six months of age.