Kentucky School Safety Director Says Security Plans Often Fade Soon After A Tragedy

Jan 31, 2018

Credit rido, 123rf Stock Photo

School safety has been on the minds of many people after the shooting at Marshall County High School last week that the took the lives of two students.

Jon Akers is the executive director of the Kentucky Center for School Safety. He said ideas for protecting students and school staff from violence make headlines for a few weeks after high-profile incidents, but the discussion often fades after that.

"Any time something like this happens, yes it goes to the forefront and then unfortunately after a month or two or whatever it starts fading away, and there’s something else out there,” said Akers. “School safety should always remain on everybody’s front page."

Akers said he would like to see an armed police officer stationed at every school in Kentucky.

State lawmakers are considering legislation that would allow schools to select an employee who could carry a gun on campus. Supporters said it would give schools another option in school security.

A similar measure was introduced in the 2016 General Assembly, but it failed to pass.