KSP Warns Drivers to Watch Out for Deer

Oct 25, 2012

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Kentucky State Police say drivers in the fall are likely to see deer on or near roadways, a serious issue that caused nearly 3,000 wrecks in the state last year. State police spokesman Sgt. Rick Saint-Blancard says three of the wrecks were fatal. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says some 1 million deer-related vehicle crashes take place nationwide each year, killing nearly 200 people and injuring more than 10,000. Saint-Blancard says nearly half of all collisions with deer occur at this time of year. He says drivers should be especially careful in the early-morning and evening hours when light is low, remember deer often travel in herds, drive at moderate speeds in order to slow or stop if necessary, note deer are unpredictable and always wear a seat belt.