Marshall County Begins Alcohol Sale Licensing Process

Oct 6, 2015

Credit Lisa Runnels /

Marshall County business owners wanting to obtain an application for a liquor license can now do so electronically.  

The county officially went wet Sunday, sixty days after voters in a special election opted to do so.  

The Fiscal Court approved its alcohol sales ordinance last month, which includes Sunday alcohol sales.

Assistant Alcohol Beverage Control Administrator Wendy Baxter says she and Judge Executive Cheryl Miller have already received an "endless stream" of calls with questions about the process and says this is new territory for everyone involved.

“We need everyone to be patient with us, it’s a work in progress for everyone," said Baxter. "And for the most part everyone has, so we’re all learning together.”


Baxter says the ABC's site is now live and business owners can download the application.  The county, city and state applications are all available through that website.

Baxter says the county application differs from the ones for Hardin, Benton and Calvert City and each has its own ABC administrator.

“The four of us are working very closely together on these, city applications and the county application are closely replicated and we’ve all been going to meetings and trying to make sure we all have the knowledge we need to move forward.”

There are 13 quota licenses available county-wide, but the county can't move forward if that procedure until the state advertises in the local newspaper.

Baxter says the state licensure process is often lengthier so businesses starting the process now could potentially begin selling alcohol by early next year.