Mayfield Alcohol Petitioners Moving Forward After County Rejects Liquor Sales

Jan 27, 2016

Credit dotshock, 123rf Stock Photo

Mayfield alcohol sales supporters are continuing their petition for a city vote on packaged liquor sales following yesterday’s vote rejecting county-wide sales. 

The Graves County Clerk’s Office says only 2 out of 9 city precincts voted against package liquor sales, and supporter Phil Meyers says that leaves him feeling optimistic the city will vote yes. Myers says petitioners need 430 valid signatures to make the ballot. He says they have around 500 signatures so far and are gathering more than necessary to ensure at least 430 signatures can be verified. The petition began in July and August. He says the signatures expire after 6 months and some may already be too old to use.

Myers says they are looking to turn the petition in within the next 2 or 3 weeks. The judge/executive will set a date for the vote within 60 days of the county clerk’s office verifying the signatures.

*Correction: It was previously reported there were a total of 10 city precincts.