Moderate Flooding Expected Near Cairo, IL

Apr 25, 2013

Credit NWS Logo

Moderate flooding is expected near Cairo, IL as the Mississippi and Illinois rivers crests this week, but the National Weather Service said the risk of spring flooding will continue for the next several weeks.

The moderate flooding prediction comes two years after historic flooding throughout many of far western Kentucky's river counties.

NWS Meteorologist Rachel Trevino in Paducah said rainfall and snow north of western Kentucky and southern Illinois along with future storm cells could all contribute to the rising river levels.

“The flooding going on up north of us due to rainfall and the snow packs and stuff probably will kind of affect us down in this area probably in the next two or three weeks," she said. " It will take that long for that water to get down here.”

Trevino said flooding this time of year isn’t unusual. As snow melts in the north with the coming of spring, that water makes its way into the rivers, so many people are used to rising water levels.

“Almost every spring we have some flooding,” Trevino said.” And a lot of people that have interests along the river are very aware of that and are good at preparing for it. It’s not like, you know, the river comes up 10 feet in one day. But it’s definitely something for people to keep an eye on.”

Trevino said the rivers’ water levels reach the height they are approaching about once every three years. While the rivers don’t pose an immediate threat, Trevino said the NWS is continuing to monitor the situation.