Orange You Glad That Vinyl is Back?

Sep 22, 2017

The weekend is around the corner! Time to relax, turn on your radio or maybe put on a good record.... What?! You don't have a record player?

Orange You Glad That Vinyl is Back?

This weekend is a great time to give to WKMS.

Our friends at Terrapin Station have donated a Jensen portable record player for one lucky listener (contest rules).  All sustainers, those who have already given this fall, and everyone who gives this weekend is entered automatically.  And to make matters even sweeter, the hosts of your favorite WKMS music shows have secretly created Top 10 lists of their all time favorite albums.  You'll get their lists of recommendations if you win! Want to sneak a peak? Front Porch host Mike Gowen recommends John Hartford's Aereo-Plain while Tracy Ross hears London Calling from The Clash. Find good music everyday on WKMS because listeners give.

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