Paducah City Manager Resigning At Mayor's Request

Nov 8, 2017

Jeff Pederson (left) and Mayor Brandi Harless (right) at a recent city commission meeting.
Credit Matt Markgraf, WKMS

Paducah City Manager Jeff Pederson is stepping down after Mayor Brandi Harless asked for his resignation.

Harless said “after listening to the comments of my colleagues,” Pederson’s resignation would be in the best interest of all concerned.

Pederson informed the mayor that he would resign, saying that it was a privilege to serve and proud to see public projects he helped initiate in the community over his seven years of service.

Commissioner Sarah Stewart Holland said the city is looking to take Paducah to “the next level.”

“Like the Mayor is always saying Paducah is at a tipping point. And we want to make sure we take advantage of the growth and excitement happening at all levels of the city, so we felt like it was best to do that with new leadership.” She said.

Information Officer Pam Spencer said Pederson’s resignation is amicable and not related to sexual harassment. Holland also said the resignation "has nothing to do with that." Governor Matt Bevin had called for resignations of officials following claims against former House Speaker Jeff Hoover. Spencer made it clear there is no correlation between those calls and the Mayor's decision.

Spencer said Pederson was asked to stay until January 12, 2018 to assist in a transition.

Mayor Harless said she is beginning a search for a new city manager. Pederson and staff will soon begin identifying goals and characteristics for a successor.