Playhouse in the Park to Host Staged Reading of New Horror Play

Mar 30, 2018


  For the first time in years, Playhouse in the Park will be presenting a staged reading of a new play by Christopher Poor. The play is a psychological horror story, which is emphasized by its stark production. Playwright, Christopher Poor, visits Sounds Good to discuss the inspiration for this thriller. 

    Christopher Poor woke up from a dream with an idea of a horror play set in Midwest America. After feverishly writing the draft of his creation in a matter of days, he spent the next year revising and fine tuning it. He is now planning a staged reading of the play at Murray's Playhouse in the Park on Saturday.
         There are six rehearsed actors, sound effects, music, and a narrator -- although it's a reading, it will feel much more like a traditional stage show than a bland reciting of lines. Poor's show will premiere on Saturday, March 31st, at 7:00 pm at Playhouse in the Park.