Programming Change: Fresh Air Weekend, The Jive House

Aug 27, 2014

Listen Sunday, September 7 for an exciting new early-evening lineup on WKMS!

Following Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me will be Fresh Air Weekend with Terry Gross at 6, followed at 7 by an encore broadcast of The Jive House which also airs Thursday evenings at 9. 

WKMS Program Director Tracy Ross says the new lineup should appeal to audiences who already tune in for All Things Considered and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me on Sunday afternoons:

Fresh Air Weekend packages two of the week’s most interesting interviews from Fresh Air to form a great hour of listening for those who may have missed the weekday airing, or who simply want to hear a great interview a second time. The Jive House is one of my favorite of our locally-produced programs. John McMillen and Dr. Brad Robertson create a weekly mix of funk, soul, Blues and jazz that is absolutely unique on the radio. It’s a great way to extend the weekend vibe into Sunday evening before everyone gets ready to transition to the week ahead.”

Fresh Air Weekend website

The Jive House program page