Real Clarksville Police Detectives Catch Imposters

Feb 24, 2016

the vehicle
Credit Clarksville PD

Two Fort Campbell soldiers have been arrested after impersonating Clarksville Police officers and conducting at least three "traffic stops" over the weekend.

According to the Clarksville Police Department's Facebook, Brett Jewell and William Jones were both arrested yesterday and charged with three counts each of Criminal Impersonation. 

Credit Clarksville PD
Credit Clarksville PD

  On Sunday, CPD advised residents that it had received several reports of drivers being pulled over by police imposters with flashing lights, badges and a dispatch radio.  In all three instances, victims described two males driving a white 4-door car that appeared to be a Pontiac Grand Am/Grand Prix with a flashing red and blue light on the dash approximately the size of a cell phone.  

According to Sgt. Melissa Spielhagen, the CPD only uses blue lights.

The imposters approached drivers for various reasons such as "speeding a little" or "the vehicle matches a description..." and "review mirror being broken."  

In some cases, the suspects asked for drugs, money or for the victims to change locations several blocks away from the location to more secluded areas.  

One imposter presented a badge similar to the one worn by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, except it featured a 5-pointed star instead a 7-pointed star that the MCSO actually uses.  All known stops occurred in the area of Crossland Ave, Glen St. and Madison St. 

One of the vehicles stopped by the suspects contained two actual jail deputies with the Sheriff's Office.  

MCSO spokesperson Sandra Brandon says enforcement and arrest do not fall under the duties of jail deputies. The two deputies did provide descriptions to CPD. 

Clarksville Detectives then matched the suspects' description to that of Jewell and Jones, two soldiers at Fort Campbell. 

During the interview process, both suspects confessed to impersonating police and were arrested. 

They were booked into the Montgomery County Jail, each have a total bond amount of $30,000.