Something From Nothing Episode 5: Nathan Lynn

May 24, 2017

Nathan Lynn
Credit Glenn Hall Photography

In this episode of Something from Nothing, Justin interviews Nathan Lynn in the guest’s van--down by the river. Justin and Nathan begin the interview by briefly reminiscing about an incident during their time together at Heath High School.

Nathan discusses in detail one of his songs that happens to be one of Justin’s all time favorites. The guest shares some of his songwriting influences including how his family played a role in his development as a musician. The origin of Bawn and the Mash and Wheelhouse Rousters is covered in the show.

Nathan shows more than just a sense of loyalty to his roots. It seems that his music is an extension of his love for the region rather than the region being just the subject of some of his songwriting.

The episode ends with him previewing a song off his most recent album.