Survey: Many Ky. Principals Receive No Training on Anti-Bullying Policies

May 25, 2016

Credit Wavebreak Media Ltd, 123rf Stock Photo

A new statewide survey shows that many school principals in Kentucky have received no training on how to carry out policies to prevent student bullying. 

The survey also reveals a high level of frustration among high school and middle school principals about the prevalence of cyber-bullying that occurs away from school. Results of the survey by the Kentucky Center for School Safety were released today Wednesday.

The center, based at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, says 625 principals and assistant principals at elementary, middle and high schools across Kentucky participated.

Half of the respondents said they were only given copies of their districts' anti-bullying policies, without any training. About one-fourth of them said they received training. Those administrators are given the task of investigating reports of bullying in schools.