Winter Temps Bring A Greater Risk For Fires

Jan 5, 2018

a fire destroyed a McDonald's in Calvert City earlier this week.
Credit Photo courtesy of Bryan Canavan

As temperatures dip down into freezing across west Kentucky, firefighters are battling more structure fires.

A fire burned a McDonald’s to the ground in Marshall County early this week. Murray Fire Department said they responded to three fires in the city within the first three days of the new year.

Richard Peddicord is the Assistant Director for the Kentucky State Fire Marshal’s office. He said it’s normal for winter weather to spark more fires as people often sacrifice safety when trying to stay warm.  

“If the people are using portable heaters they’re not following manufacturer's recommendations of keeping them clear of ignitable or combustible material.” Peddicord said.


Peddicord said another risk is associated with chimneys. He recommends people have their chimneys regularly inspected and cleaned.


He said fires in the wintertime are taxing on firefighters and their equipment, and recommends people follow the prevention guidelines on the Kentucky Fire Marshal Facebook page.