WKMS Now Streaming on iTunes Radio

Jun 11, 2014

Did you know the WKMS main channel is now available for streaming in iTunes Radio? We're joining a number of public radio stations around the country in the platform this month. Get the local news and programs that matter to you -- wherever you are, whenever you'd like -- from WKMS in iTunes Radio.

Direct Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/station/idra.871801164

Within iTunes: Open the Radio tab, and click "Start Listening" then  "add" our station to your personal "My Stations" list for future listening. Alternatively, go to the iTunes Store and click "iTunes Radio" in the menu on the right sidebar, then search WKMS to find our live stream.

On iPhone: Open iTunes, tap on the Radio tab. Tap "New Station" and search WKMS, then simply add the station.

Note: If you search WKMS in the iTunes store, you may come across audio links from our archive. If you have any questions about activating our live stream in iTunes Radio, please contact Matt Markgraf at mmarkgraf@murraystate.edu

We will continue to evolve our offerings, aiming to provide you with the best experience possible and develop inventive ways to further the mission of public radio and reach new listeners across our region.