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The music on Sounds Good is a mix of legacy artists who are still making great music now (Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Bonnie Raitt) deep cuts from classic artists (The Band, The Beatles, Grateful Dead, Talking Heads, REM) great contemporary artists who don' t receive commercial airplay (Neko Case, Wilco, Jack White, Darrell Scott, The Black Keys) and those who defy the boundaries of categorization (Punch Brothers, Bela Fleck, Ry Cooder, Bill Frisell, Justin Townes Earle). You'll also get a bit of World music, Blues, Soul/R&B, Reggae and Jazz.

Additionally, you'll hear interviews with newsmakers and community leaders, live music from some of our region's best musicians, our community events calendar and more.

Nicole Erwin / WKMS

Physicians are banding together under the trending hashtag "This Is My Lane" after comments from the National Rifle Association suggested they "stay in their lane" when it comes to gun violence. Vanderbilt physician Dr. Sterling Haring is among those in the medical field speaking out and sharing personal stories of tending to victims of gun violence. He tended to Marshall County High School shooting victims. Taylor Inman speaks with Haring about gun violence and his contribution to a new book.

Murray State University / Bob Jackson

Murray State University interim president Bob Jackson recently discussed with WKMS News Director Matt Markgraf on Sounds Good efforts to boost enrollment (2018-19 enrollment is 9,466 students) - including the military discount initiative and the Road Scholars Program, engaging young alumni, a new dining services partnership with Sodexo and the upcoming legislative session.

Andre Mouton /

For many years, the predominating school of thought in the field of psychology was that one's sense of self is a culmination of the thoughts, feelings, and sensations one feels on a daily basis. Newer research, however, suggests a more detached sense of self. Michael Bordieri, Murray State professor of psychology, visits Sounds Good to discuss this concept.

Sydney Boles / Ohio Valley ReSource

In eastern Kentucky’s Pike County, some residents have suffered numerous damaging flash floods. State inspectors say the floods were made worse by a nearby coal mine. The damaged mine lands have not been properly reclaimed, sending water rushing onto neighboring properties. It’s a common problem in coal communities. But what sets this one apart is that the coal mine is owned by the family of West Virginia’s Governor, Jim Justice. The Justice family companies are locked in a legal battle with Kentucky’s regulators over the unreclaimed mine lands.

Maiden Alley Cinema /

The River's Edge International Film festival brings independent film to the smart, arts-oriented, mid-American river town of Paducah, Kentucky. Hosted by Maiden Alley Cinema, the MAC's executive director, Landee Bryant, visited Sounds Good to discuss the weekend long festival.

Kathryn Coon Harper

Kathryn Coon Harper was one of the founding Board Members who conceptualized the Janice Mason Art Museum twenty years ago. In honor of the museum's anniversary, Harper's 50-year career is highlighted in a retrospective exhibit, As It Was -- As It Is. Kathryn Coon Harper visits Sounds Good to discuss the exhibit and her full circle from founding member to featured artist. 

Mary Meehan / Ohio Valley ReSource

The political ads in the Ohio Valley are playing on what seems like a constant loop. That’s not unusual for election season. But what is unusual this year is how many ads focus on health care. Consider this one from Kentucky Republican Andy Barr, who’s facing a tough challenge in the 6th Congressional District from Democrat Amy McGrath.

Free-Photos /

Storytelling is a pasttime that has traveled through hundreds of generations all over the world. But to some, their ability to humanize recycled prose is not only an artform, it's a profession. Professional storyteller Mary Hamilton visits Sounds Good to discuss her craft and her upcoming visit to the McCracken County Public Library.

Geralt /

"For quite a bit of time after DNA was discovered and we started understanding the genome, we thought most of it was junk." Michael Bordieri, Murray State professor of psychology, visits Sounds Good to discuss common misconceptions of genetics and what recent discoveries mean for the future of mental health and medicine.


West Kentucky Community and Technical College, the Kentucky Association of Nursing Students, and DKMS are holding a bone marrow donor registration drive this week. Registration is simple, painless, and can save lives. WKCTC nursing student, Kaycee Cooper, visits Sounds Good to discuss the upcoming event.