Gov. Matt Bevin

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The lawsuit against Kentucky’s new pension law will be heard by the Supreme Court of Kentucky on Thursday, pitting Kentucky’s two preeminent political rivals against each other and putting retirement benefits for thousands of teachers and state workers in the balance.

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Governor Matt Bevin held a public forum in Cynthiana on Friday and spoke on a variety of issues. Bevin spent more than 20 minutes explaining his position on pension reforms. That was met with strong reaction from public educators in the front row. 

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Kentucky Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear has filed a brief with the state Supreme Court about why he thinks a law changing the public pension system is unconstitutional.

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The federal government has awarded $10.5 million in grants to support two projects in eastern Kentucky.

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Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin and the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet approved on Thursday additional grants to support victims and families affected by the Marshall County High School shooting.

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Governor Matt Bevin visited countries in east Asia this week in an effort to strengthen ties and encourage job creation and investment in Kentucky.

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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has awarded a member of his administration a $215,000 raise, leading the worker to make more than double the governor's salary.

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Gov. Matt Bevin's administration has taken public comments on proposed regulations for a Medicaid overhaul that has been blocked by a federal judge.

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Kentucky Republican Gov. Matt Bevin says he will run for re-election in 2019, ending months of speculation as he has faced growing protests from public workers and teachers about his rhetoric and policies.

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A Kentucky appeals court has delved into the case of an ex-state employee refusing to comply with Gov. Matt Bevin's investigation into a no-bid contract awarded by his predecessor.