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An attorney for Gov. Matt Bevin has asked a judge to consider disqualifying himself from hearing a lawsuit over Kentucky's new public pension law.

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Ahead of the July 1 start date for changes to Kentucky’s Medicaid program, Gov. Matt Bevin has announced a partnership with the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky to help educate enrollees on new requirements and assist some in making mandated payments to keep Medicaid insurance.

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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin is appealing the valuation of his mansion and the 10 acres where it sits, in the latest chapter of the yearlong debate over whether he and his wife got a sweetheart deal to purchase the home.


Governor Matt Bevin on Friday appointed Adam Meier as secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, which is responsible for running almost every government-involved health program in Kentucky.

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Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin touted economic development efforts and strategies moving forward at a forum in Hopkinsville on Monday, following the announcement of the groundbreaking for the $305 million Novelis aluminum facility in neighboring Todd County. A large portion of the conversation addressed education issues and a question was asked about the recent Supreme Court ruling on sports betting.

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  Gov. Matt Bevin has gone after Franklin Circuit Court Judge Phillip Shepherd several times in recent years. Shepherd is one of two trial court judges who hears certain lawsuits brought against the state.

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Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is leading a community forum in Hopkinsville on Monday. 

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Kentucky's newest abortion law seeks to prevent a "barbaric" procedure while a fetus is alive in the womb, Gov. Matt Bevin's legal team said in urging a federal judge to reject efforts to prolong delaying the restrictions.

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Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear said his office has won another victory in the effort to have recent changes to the state’s pension plans declared unconstitutional.

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After suffering a minor loss in the lawsuit over Kentucky’s new pension law on Monday, Gov. Matt Bevin lashed out at the judge overseeing the case again, calling him an “incompetent hack.”