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The trial for what could be the first death penalty case in Calloway County in 100 years is set for January 7.

In Calloway County Circuit Court on Monday, Judge Jamie Jameson indicated the jury selection process will begin soon for the case involving 23-year-old Pascasio Pacheco of Mayfield.

Pacheco is accused of shooting his aunt and uncle (Marisol Hernandez-Arallano and Bulmaro Arellano) in Calloway County and setting fire to their home, killing their two small children (Marisol and Miguel) in November 2015.

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Lexington is approaching a record number for homicides in the area. So far, in 2017 there have been 26, one below the previous high number in 1999 and 2001. 

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Update: Union City Police say Taylor has turned himself in.

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Union City Police are requesting information on the whereabouts of a man considered armed and dangerous following a fatal shooting Friday night. 

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A trial in the disappearance and killing of Tennessee nursing student Holly Bobo has been delayed until September.

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Tennessee police say seven bounty hunters and bail bondsmen have been indicted on first-degree murder and other charges in the killing of an unarmed man and the wounding of another.

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A Trigg County man charged with orchestrating the killings of his parents, sister and an acquaintance has avoided the death penalty by accepting a plea deal. 

Ryan Champion pleaded guilty to four murder counts and one count of kidnapping in court today.

 A western Kentucky man has pleaded guilty to murdering his 18-year-old cousin. 22-year-old Shaquille Edwards struck the plea agreement on murder and attempted murder charges two days before he was scheduled to trial to avoid the possibility of the death penalty if he had been convicted.

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  Two men who spent more than 20 years in prison for what had been labeled as a "satanic" murder in 1992 have been freed after their convictions were vacated by a Kentucky judge. 

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The man accused of murdering a Mayfield woman and her 17-year-old son nearly two years ago is requesting that his trial be moved because of a racial imbalance in the county in which it's to be held.

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Scattered in the pages of the Paducah Sun-Democrat during the fall and winter of 1940, among accounts of the Nazis’ movements in the Balkans and FDR’s defeat of Wendell Willkie for an unprecedented third term as president, a murder mystery unfolded on the eastern bank of the Tennessee River.