Something From Nothing

This week on Something from Nothing is the story of fiber artist and instructor Lauren Taylor. Lauren discusses how she got into sewing, knitting, and teaching. Also, hear about Google coming to Lauren for information. 

On the show this week Paul Lorenz, an abstract artist, discusses his story to becoming a professional artist. He also describes the evolution that occured that led him to music composition and what drew him to move from San Francisco to Paducah.

  This week on Something From Nothing is the young up and coming embroidery artist, Chloe Quint. In the episode she discusses several elements of her art of choice. She shares her surprising inspiration and the thing that kept her from giving it up.

This week on Something From Nothing is the story of how Andy Carloss started Midtown Market. The entrepenuer shares what brought him back to Kentucky from living in Boston operating in the tech world to open a grocery store. 

This week on Something from Nothing, a movie maker who also creates beats. Kasper-an alias that he explains in the episode-talks about how a major loss in his life caused him to nearly quit making music but in the end, inspired him.

 Hawktail is a band that is formed with musicians capable of grammy nominations. This week Something from Nothing explores the forming of this Nashville based band before the band members discuss their recently released album. The band members present for the recording were Brittany Haas, Jordan Tice, and Paul Kowert. They talk about the writing process behind individual tracks and give some insights as to how they select specific tracks.

The episode ends with Brittany-the fiddle player-discussing her experience on public radio show Live From Here.

  Recent Murray State graduate and singer/songwriter Haleigh Martin is the guest this week. The highly talented musician talks about how her experience with The Voice changed the direction of her music. She discusses the quirks that seem to work for her when writing a song and the unique challenges of being a female musician.

The episode features several of her originals but ends with a 90s cover.



Something From Nothing returns for a fourth season this week with an episode that features three guests.

Amber and Peter Barnett who started Pipers Tea & Coffee join Bobby Dowell, the head roaster, to discuss the early days of Pipers and the creative process behind bringing coffee and tea to life.

The episode also includes the personal journey that brought the British owners to Kentucky and how Peter recruited Bobby into the coffee business.

Season three concludes with the story of Something From Nothing. Taylor Inman takes over the host mic and Justin plays the role of guest. 

Have a listen to hear the origin of the podcast. Justin also talks about how he puts it together. 

This may be the end of season three but fear not...season 4 is already in the works.

Samuel Hawkins--also known as Snacks--talks about his inspiration in writing his first poem and how that motivation has matured into finding the voice he speaks with today. 

The spoken word poet ends the episode performing a work from his recently released book, "The Greatest Story Ever Sold."