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Inauguration Journey: The Inauguraiders

Also making the trip to D.C. for inauguration are the "Inauguraiders," four youngsters from Northern California armed with cameras and microphones and ready to interview inaugural attendees. These are the nieces and nephews of Chris and Bev Sanders, who will be supervising the young reporters on the Mall on Tuesday.

The journalists got their start in the town one night in a restaurant in the town of Carmel by the Sea. Chris watched as his niece grabbed a video camera and started interviewing customers. "And we noticed right away that everyone engaged with her. Everyone did an interview with her. And I thought — I could never get up and walk through a restaurant with a video camera and get anyone to talk to me," he said.

So the Sanders booked the group on a red-eye flight from California — the entire Row 36, window to window. "God help the people in Row 35," Bev said.

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