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Tanner Healthcare Radio Address

By Long-Mendez

Frankfort, KY – Co-founder of the Blue Dog Democrats, 8th district Tennessee Congressman John Tanner says the healthcare reform bill needs to save money without harming care, solve inefficiencies, help insure care for people with pre-existing conditions and protect employer based healthcare systems. Tanner commented on what he feels should happen during a radio address Monday.

"Many people have ideas, sometimes different sometimes similar, about how we can address these issues. Most of us agree that goals in addressing healthcare are, number one keep what works in our current system and number two fix what is broken."

Tanner voted against the healthcare reform bill in July. He and other congressional leaders are back in Washington after the August recess and will begin session work today. President Obama is scheduled to address a joint session of Congress tonight. This is the first time the President has addressed a joint session outside the State of Union since President George W. Bush did following the September 11th terrorist attacks. WKMS will air that address this evening beginning at 7.