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Tarana Burke: How Can We Build A World Where People Don't Have To Say "Me Too"?

Part 1 of the TED Radio Hour episode Gender, Power And Fairness.

About Tarana Burke's TED Talk

For Tarana Burke, #MeToo began as a way to tell survivors, "You're not alone." But as the movement evolved, another priority emerged—how can we work together to put an end to sexual violence entirely?

About Tarana Burke

Tarana Burke is a civil rights activist and the founder of the Me Too Movement. In 2007, Burke founded Just Be Inc., an organization committed to the empowerment of black girls.

While working at Just Be Inc., she originally coined the phrase "me too" in response to the stories of countless girls and women who had experienced sexual violence.

Burke currently works as the Senior Director at Girls for Gender Equity in Brooklyn, NY, an intergenerational nonprofit dedicated to strengthening local communities by creating opportunities for young women and girls to live self-determined lives.

Since #MeToo became a viral hashtag in 2017, she has emerged as a global leader in the evolving conversation around sexual violence.

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