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Pure Bathing Culture Overcomes Adversity On 'Night Pass'

Working towards your goals often involves overcoming adversity, right? It's on every motivational poster out there. Daniel and Sarah, the duo that is Pure Bathing Culture know this well.

Things had been going great: The band had already released two albums that had built up a loyal and loving fan base, but then the Portland band was dropped from its label and lost its support team as well.

Now, you know what happens next if you're a fan of those posters. Instead of packing up their musical wares and calling it a day, Daniel and Sarah responded with arguably their strongest work yet. It's called Night Pass, and if you listen closely, you'll hear some of the duo's real-life struggles being portrayed via these beautiful and lush songs. As Daniel points out, "the record is about perseverance and making it through something." And that's exactly what they did.

You can feel PBC's energy on stage,its commitment and love of music reaffirmed. Check out the group's performance of "Devotion" to see what I mean. That and more in the player.

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