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David Wax Museum Creates A Positive Message From A Difficult Situation

What happens when your hometown witnesses a seismic social event? David Wax and Suz Slezak, who lead the band David Wax Museum, had to answer that question after the 2017 Unite the Right rally and subsequent counterprotests in the pair's hometown of Charlottesville, Va. made national news.

"I think for people who grew up there, we feel like 'Gosh, this does not represent our town at all,' " Suz explains. "But I think that is also a view that has a lot of blinders on it, because this does represent our country."

Born out of that experience, the band's latest album, Line of Light, is a beautiful record, and you don't have to know its inspiration to appreciate it. David and Suz are two of the most thoughtful musicians you could meet, and they'll talk candidly about creating a positive message from a difficult situation. The band will play a moving set of songs, starting with "Uncover the Gold." Hear that and more in the audio player above.

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