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Grace Potter Shifts Towards 'Daylight'

A shift in sound because of a shift in life? Naturally. The transition from midnight to daylight, so to speak, has been significant for Grace Potter. After making 2012's The Lion The Beast The Beat with her band The Nocturnals, Grace went on to pursue a solo career. Midnight, her solo debut, came out in 2015 and Grace realized on the road that she'd fallen in love with her producer, Eric Valentine. Flash forward: they've gotten married, had a baby and also had to figure out how to transition between work space and personal space while working on Grace's latest album.

"It's not awkward to talk about, you know, 'We've got to change the baby's diaper...also I think that last vocal take was your best one yet,' " Grace says.

Daylight is the title of her latest release, and it's an intentional nod to the huge shift in her life these past few years. Its shift in sound from Midnight should be familiar to Nocturnals fans, and the album features her signature smoky vocals. (Can you talk about Grace Potter and not say smokey? Is that even possible?)

We'll hear her incredible story along with new music from the album, which she performed from the stage of World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. Hear it all in the audio player above.

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