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Your Anti-Anxiety Music Playlists


Whether self-isolating solo with roommates or with family, these are stressful times for all of us. And we know music can help bring some relief. That's why last week we asked you to let us know what songs you turn to to help keep anxiety at bay, and this weekend we're playing some of your suggestions. First up, a track recommended by someone who goes by the Twitter handle @swingtheblues (ph). The song is called "Go Bang" (ph) by British musician and producer Subtract (ph).


MARTIN: That was "Go Bang" by the artist "Subtract." You can still add to our special anti-anxiety playlist. If you've got a song that helps you relieve stress, tell us about it. Just tweet us - @npratc - and use the hashtag #nostressplaylist. And we will hear more of your music picks tomorrow.

(SOUNDBITE OF SUBTRACT'S "GO BANG") Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.