Petition To Cancel Brexit Breaks U.K. Government Website, Tops 1 Million Signatures

A British petition to cancel Brexit and remain in the European Union is drawing too much support for the U.K. government's website to handle, with the petition site crashing repeatedly on Thursday. More than 1 million people have signed the petition to revoke the triggering of Article 50 — blowing past the 100,000 signatures needed to compel a debate in Parliament. Article 50 is the EU treaty's exit clause. The petition drive comes as the U.K. government has gone through contortions trying to...

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Murray, KY – Old School met a new generation of blues rocker Thursday October 12th in Paducah. Rock 'n' roll pioneer Bo Diddley headlined an evening of rock and blues at the Luther F. Carson Four Rivers Center. He was joined by Alvin Youngblood Hart and his band, The Mighty Muscle Theory. Bryan Bartlett spoke with the Grammy Award-winning blues guitarist before the show.

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atlanta school district

Murray, KY – Most parents hope their children acquire leadership skills and a sense of civic responsibility on their way to adulthood. According to officials at Hopkinsville High School, there's a program there to accomplish just that.

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Murray, KY – Aurora's Country Festival begins October 6th on U.S. 68 near Kenlake State Resort Park. There's no admission fee and parking is free for this nearly three decade old traditional event.

Click the "Listen" icon above to hear Kate Lochte's interview with Shirley T. Johnson, who represents the Jonathan-Aurora Action Committee.

virginia symphony

Murray, KY – Last month, classical pianist John Nakamatsu played one of the most difficult piano concertos ever written...the Rachmaninoff Third. Kentucky Public Radio's Laura Allen caught up with Nakamatsu during a break, as he prepared for a performance with the Lexington Philharmonic.

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Murray, KY – Until recently Hummus was found only in gourmet food sections and upscale restaurants. Chef Denise Gordon considers this now popular dip and spread on this Catfish to Caviar.

Click the "Listen" icon above to hear this weeks Catfish to Caviar. Johanna Comisak Rhodes is a food lover and former WPSD-TV personality. Denise Gordon is chef and co-owner of Cafe Minou in Paducah.

Murray, KY – She just turned 86 years old. She's five feet tall. Yet this diminutive senior citizen strikes fear in the hearts of Washington politicos. Kentuckian Helen Thomas has been coverng the White House for over 60 years. Her tough questions for the current administration have resulted in her being unseated from the front row of the press corps to the back of the room.

Murray,KY – It doesn't have to be gamey or tough, honest. We're talking about duck on this week's Catfish to Caviar.

Click the "Listen" icon above to hear this week's Catfish to Caviar with Johanna Comisak Rhodes, food lover and former WPSD-TV personality, and Denise Gordon, chef and Co-owner of Cafe Minou in Paducah.

Murray, KY – Murray's Playhouse in the Park offers Bugsy Malone September 28 through October 8th. Hear all about it from Director Stephen Keene and principal cast members Andrew Zimmerman, Sarah Taylor, and Alex Bloodworth.

Click the "Listen" icon above to hear Kate Lochte's interview with Stephen Keene, and cast members.

Murray, KY – Calloway County American Red Cross Executive Torey Daughrity visits Meridian to talk about the Disaster Blaster First Responder Event in Murray's Lowes Parking Lot, Saturday September 30th, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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As the Trump administration’s trade talks continue with China and other countries, farmers are feeling the pain from the president’s year-long trade war. Tariffs on agricultural goods are compounding problems caused by low crop prices and over-production, and small farmers are suffering the most.

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