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Paducah Man Works to Memorialize Cold War Patriots


Jonathan Hines is seeing to it that the Cold War Patriots, workers injured or killed in the Cold War nuclear industry, will be remembered here in Paducah. 

He is helping build a memorial for the 81,000 Patriots nationwide, which includes a house, gazebo, fountain and garden near Lourdes Hospital.

Hines who worked at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, has survived three bouts with cancer. 

"Those people that had sacrificed, that they would, if actually the plant were being shut down, they'd be moved on and all the people that ruined their lives in defense of America would actually be sort of on the back burner and forgotten about. I didn't want to see that happen," Hines said.

And to prevent that from happening, Hines wants those with family sick or deceased from working in the nuclear industry to contact him through the Cold War Veterans House Memorial page on Facebook.

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