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What's Happening at the Calloway County Library


In our regular monthly conversation with Calloway County Library's Sandy Linn,  Linn talks about the upcoming Dr. Seuss Celebration, a new book club at Hickory Woods Retirement Center and other book clubs including the Ft. Donelson Discussion Group.

"This month we had a special Ft. Donelson collaboration when we did the Andrew Jackson Smith program, and we enjoyed listening to Barry Craig tell us about the battles of Ft. Henry and Ft. Donelson, and this former slave who was a Union soldier. It's a wonderful group, and if you love history, especially the Civil War, you would enjoy this."

Linn discusses the ongoing success of the Ft. Donelson Discussion Group, and many other discussion groups, at the Calloway County Library. The Ft. Donelson Discussion Group is a book club that meets to discuss readings about the Civil War and Civil War Era happenings. Also coming up, for the library, is Dr. Seuss Day, which will be celebrated at Calloway County schools.

See more at Calloway County Public Library's website.

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