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American Quilters Society Show Brings Thousands to Paducah

There's lots of traffic in Paducah because 2014's American Quilters Society Quilt Week is underway through Saturday. Winners were announced Wednesday night and you can see these remarkable works of art at Bonnie Browning is the Executive Show Director, and has been for many years, as well as being a quilter and author in her own right. She and Kate Lochte outline the attractions and logistics for visitors on Sounds Good.

"You can't cover everything you want to do in one day. It would be hard to even just walk through all of the venues in a single day, and I encourage people to have two or three days to spend here. Many of the quilters come for five days and go to the museum and the Rotary...and the rest of the week they can spend at the show itself."

See the winning quilts at

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