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Superman Lands in Metropolis for Festival Kickoff

The annual Superman Celebration kicks off in Metropolis tonight.

The festival’s co-chair Karla Ogle says participants have four days of “super fun” ahead of them.

“Expect to see kind of a combination of Disney World and Halloween, and I think it’s going to be a very fun weekend with a little bit of everything,” she said.

The featured guests include Valerie Perrine, Aaron Smolinski, Jerry Lawler, Billy Dee Williams and Dean Cain.

“When you come into the celebration area you are going to see lots of characters. You’re going to see superheroes, you’re going to see villains, you’re going to see everything under the sun,” Ogle said. “And, I think with Billy Dee in town, I do believe we are going to see a lot of Chewbaccas and Storm troopers as well.”

The festival includes costume and baby contests, weight lifting and arm wrestling competitions, music, a BMX trick show and K-9 Crew Trick Dog Show from America’s Got Talent. It will last until Sunday.

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