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Locally Produced Kelly-Hopkinsville 'Little Green Men' Film to Coincide with Eclipse

via Geraldine Sutton Stith

The famed Kelly-Hopkinsville alien encounter of the 1950s will be depicted in a film to premiere on the same day as the total solar eclipse.

Area filmmakers are following the book ‘Alien Legacy’ by Geraldine Sutton Stith, daughter of witness ‘Lucky’ Elmer Sutton who reported the incident to the police.

‘The Invasion of Kelly’ will reenact the night little green men were allegedly seen in the backyard of Sutton’s home and Stith will narrate the events.

Director Joseph Drake: “What’s really unique and strange about everything is that this encounter happened August 21st of 1955, so the eclipse is happening on the same day the Kelly green men supposedly came 62 years ago.”

Drake said casting local actors is underway, Elmer Sutton Jr. will play the role of his father. The film premieres at the “Little Green Men Days Festival” in Kelly on August 21st.

The total solar eclipse will be at its 'point of greatest eclipse' over the Hopkinsville area. The city is preparing for 50,000 visitors.

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