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Union Layoffs Announced at Paducah Plant

The United States Enrichment Corporation notified twenty-four union members Monday of their last day working at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant. 

USEC first notified the United Steel Workers in this second round of layoffs as the company ends operations to return the facility to the Department of Energy. This month's layoff's bring the total union job loss to 115.

USEC announced in August the plan to lay off no more than 100 salaried or union employees in October.

"So that's what we were kind of expecting, and of course receiving the lower numbers is a benefit and a relief to us as people continue to be employed," United Steel Workers Union Local 550 Vice President Jim Key said. "Even for a short period of time." 

Ninety four union workers were laid off in August, according to Key. And he expects a small number to receive notices in November. Though USEC has scheduled a third round of layoffs in the first quarter of 2014.

Key, who recently returned from a US Atomic Energy Workers Council meeting, said he is actively looking to reemploy affected workers. 

"And I reiterated of those presidents of those locals if there were any employment opportunities at their sites to inform me because our members do hold a security clearance which is required at al DOE sites," Key said. "It's not the most desirable option, but it is an option." 

Notifications for salaried employees are expected to come next week.

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